In 1927, Floyd L. Wray opened Flamingo Groves in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Flamingo Groves became one of the leaders in the citrus industry by grafting new varieties of citrus and opening the way to the modern trend of gift fruit shipping. In 1959, The Medina Family began their venture in the citrus industry at Island Farm Groves in Davie, Florida, and in 1963 opened Alex's Citrus Packing Plant in Dania Beach, Florida. In 1979, Alex's Citrus Packing Plant and Flamingo Groves merged into the company you know today, Alex's Flamingo Groves and Gift Shop.  In 1982, we moved into our main packing plant in Dania Beach, where we have happily provided the finest and best citrus available in Florida for the past 40 years.  Come by and visit our fruit porch and gift shop or call us today for shipping information and prices. We are here for all of your holiday and gift fruit shipping needs.