How much is shipping?

Shipping and handling is $12.99 per package in the contiguous USA.

Shipping and handling to California, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana is $17.99.

Shipping and handling to Canada is $27.99 per package.

Please call for rates to Alaska and for express shipping 954-921-7600. 

Sorry, we cannot ship to Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Can I ship Alex’s fruit internationally?

Unfortunately, our Florida citrus can only be sent to Canada. Other items can be sent abroad at a different shipping rate. Please call 954-921-7600 for further assistance sending an Alex’s gift internationally.

Can I schedule for my package to arrive on a certain day?

We cannot guarantee for a package to arrive on a certain day. We can tell you the week your package will arrive. Expedited shipping can be arranged if you require the package to arrive by a certain date. Please call 954-921-7600 to arrange expedited shipping.

Will my package arrive in time for the holidays? 

To ensure delivery in time for the holidays please order by specified dates. Orders by 5pm for Standard and Canadian delivery and by 10am for 2-Day and Overnight delivery.

Thanksgiving Nov. 11th Nov. 18th Nov. 19th
Canadian Nov. 11th N/A N/A


Christmas Dec. 12th Dec. 17th  Dec. 20th
Canadian Dec. 12th N/A N/A

How is my package sent?

Packages are sent in a variety of means between our trucks, FEDEX, UPS and the US Postal Service depending on your location.

My fruit arrived frozen. What do I do?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Enclosed in your package is a letter with a comment section at the bottom. Please fill in this section and return it to us. We will do our best to get a comparable replacement to you as soon as possible.

My fruit has dark marks on it. Is it rotten?

No. Occasionally, these marks appear on the rind of the fruit. They are called “wind scars” and do not affect the flavor of the fruit. 

How should I store my fruit?

Unpack the fruit and refrigerate in the crisper upon arrival. The fruit is ripe, juicy and ready for your enjoyment!

How long will the fruit last?

Our fruits are shipped only fresh-picked and at their peak of flavor. Depending on the type of fruit you receive, it could last up to 1 month when refrigerated.